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Published 2020

Meeting for Coffee (960) read via my blog (online)

Three Quarters (470) read via X-Ray Lit Magazine (online)

If You Had a Gun (1,190) read via Lunate Fiction (online)

I’d Like to Start By… (194) read this and other winning submissions via Lunate Fiction (online) ‘Highly Commended’ in the International Women’s Day microfiction competition, ‘Who Run the World?’

Published 2019

Copper Statues (81) read via my blog (online)

What I Loved About Barmouth in the Summer of 1986 (614) read via The Cabinet of Heed (online)

Hit Me With Your Lettuce Beans (502) read via Funate (online)
Nominated for BIFFY50 2019/20

The Water Roars (810) read via Molotov Cocktail (online)

A Kiss Before You Wake (256) read via Spelk (online)

I Should Have Said Goodbye (171) read via 24 Unread Messages (print)

Eduardo Bello’s Antiques & Collectables (861) read via Virtual Zine (online)

The Unopened Bar of Chocolate (990) read via Molotov Cocktail (print/online)

Senna (500) read via FlashBack Fiction (online)
Nominated for BIFFY50 2018/19

Published 2018

Little White Lies (165) read via Rhythm & Bones (online)

Paper Trail (665) read via Vamp Cat Magazine (online)

The Gods of Titan (627) read via my blog (online)

Butterfly (1,151) read via Hypnopomp Mag (online)

Fortune (2,622) read via The Cabinet of Heed (online)

Spinning Against the Wheel (277) read via Train Lit Mag (online)

Oak Decline (811) read via Fictive Dream (online)

A Winter’s Hunger (100) read via The Drabble (online)

Two Lies I Told My Mother and One I Tell Myself (417) read via my blog (online)

Funeral Buffet (236) read via The Cabinet of Heed (online)

While My Guitar Gently Weeps (1,223) appears in One Song (print)

A Bullet for Bonney (482) read via my blog (online)

Dessert Menu (278) read via Idle Ink (online)

She’d Expected To See Some Blood (100) appears in Drabbledark: An Anthology of Dark Drabbles (print)

Cuckoos (349) read via Spelk (online)

Ladies and Gentleman, The Magnificent Marco (100) read via The Drabble (online)

A Whisper of Words (375) read via MoonPark Review (online)
Nominated for Best Microfiction Anthology 2019

You Should Be (1,835) read via my blog (online)

#2,922 (200) read via formercactus (online)

Blank (352) read via Dogear (online)

Published 2017

Christmas, 1981 (605) read via Ellipsis Zine (online)

Non-Transferable (336) read via my blog (online)

Photographic Memory (345) read via my blog (online)

The Village in the Shadow of K’prut (932) read via The Cabinet of Heed (online)

All Change (254) read via Marauder Lit (online)

Limbo (98) read via The Drabble (online)

Meat-free Stock Responses (121) read via 121 Words (online)

Weeding (912) read via Occulum (online)

The Cause of Janet’s Death (704) read via Occulum (online)

Conservation of the Species (894) read via my blog (online)

Tea and Toast Alarm (178) read via my blog (online)

Jigsaw Puzzle (236) read via Train Lit Mag (online)

My Son Looks Up At Me (166) read via my blog (online)

He’d Expected to See Some Blood (250) read via Sick Lit Magazine (online)

Manicure (191) read via Sick Lit Magazine (online)

The Geography School Trip (1,033) read via my blog (online)

Rebel Mechanic (147) read via my blog (online)
Winner of the Ad Hoc Fiction weekly microfiction competition

Their Beach (379) read via my blog (online)