Six months and counting…

Flash Fiction, Short Story

It’s been almost six months since I started writing part-time and it seems apt that yesterday I received confirmation that ‘Manicure’, one of my flash fiction pieces, will be published online in April.

For the record, I’ve submitted to 12 different websites, publications and competitions and this is the first submission that was selected. I still have a couple more submissions that I’m waiting for a response from, so it would be nice to round off the first six months with another published piece.

I’m fairly pleased with my output of work so far. I’ve managed to finish one short story, ‘The Commuter’ and two pieces of flash fiction, ‘Their Beach’ and ‘Manicure’ and two I haven’t released – ‘Photographic Memory’ and ‘Conservation of the Species’. I’ve also started another piece of flash fiction, completed the first draft of one short story and outlined another.

In total, that’s just under 8,000 words of finished work and another 10,000 or so that need editing. A rough average of 100 words a day.

I’ve decided to put the short stories on hold for the time being and come back to them when I feel more comfortable with my writing. At the moment, writing flash fiction seems the best way of getting me to that place.

I feel that the low word count is helping to improve my writing, due to the importance of every word. There isn’t any room for waffle or padding. ‘Manicure’ for example, is only 191 words but I edited it more than 60 times over the space of a month to get it where I wanted it to be. It was painful at times but I’m glad I stuck with it because this has made the follow up writing a little easier, and it’s rewarding that someone else saw enough in it to want to publish it.

You can read ‘Their Beach’ here and I’m uploading ‘The Commuter’ here one chapter at a time. I’ll add a link to ‘Manicure’ when this goes live.