Ellipsis Zine: Two

A 48 page zine containing work from 40 national and international flash fiction writers. I compiled and edited this publication, along with Stephanie Hutton.

“A brilliant flash fiction showcase that is ideal for those random moments when you need nothing more than a quick literary fix.”

“The collection is excellent, and was a pleasure to skip through its well curated pages.”

Ellipsis Zine: Two is available here.


Ellipsis Zine: One

A 64 page zine containing work from 57 national and international flash fiction writers. I compiled and edited this publication.

“This joyous collection of written pieces explores many aspects of life. The stories creep around in your mind, subtly opening doors and cupboards that you thought were closed.”

“The stories are sometimes utterly shocking and sometimes heartbreaking, but flow together fluidly. There is something in here for everyone to relate to personally and appreciate as art.”

Ellipsis Zine: One is available here.


Glove #2

A 40 page zine containing ‘some of the most challenging and inspirational writing from outside of the mainstream’.

This issue contained my short horror story, ‘You Should be’.

Abbie Foxton reviewed this publication and below is what she had to say about my contribution:

‘You Should Be’ by Steve Campbell is chilling. When Hypnopompic meets Hypnagogic the terror is tantamount to post traumatic stress disorder, so real and excruciating, as it takes turns entering in and out of husband & wife. Really chilling, emphatic to its horror.



Their Beach
Flash fiction short story – 378 words. A young father takes his son to the beach for the first time. Download for Amazon Kindle – £0.99 or free with Kindle Unlimited.

Amazon Reviews

“A beautiful nostalgic little tale that takes you to that beach… gives you a feeling of warmth and relaxation.”

“A short, well written little story about generations and the holidays they have. The images bring back memories of trips to familiar beaches, spanning time. Lovely use of language and a sense of warmth throughout.”

“A beautiful and heartwarming story that reminds you of the importance of family. A recommended read.”