Flash Fiction

I’m pleased a micro fiction I’ve written, entitled ‘Non-Transferable’, is now live over at Moonchild Magazine. It’s another piece about a frustrated train commuter that links to ‘Limbo’ and ‘All Change’ that were previously published by The Drabble and Maurader Lit.

The opening line is below, follow the link to read the complete text:

I’m standing with my back against the closed doors as a train passes by and turbulence rattles them violently in their housings. I do my best to retain my balance and an element of personal space as the train lurches between stops, along with the ten or so other passengers I’m sharing the door space with. The only empty seats have other passenger’s bags and feet on them.

Read the full story here.

A big ‘thank you’ to Nadia at Moonchild Magazine for publishing this.

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