Nine Months And Counting…

Flash Fiction, Novella, Short Story, Updates

Since my last update in February, I’ve been writing and re-writing short stories and flash fiction pieces but, after putting together my most recent short story, ‘You Should Be’, I decided that I wanted to have another crack at something longer – which completely contradicts what I said I wanted to do back in February.

The change of heart came about with the realisation that I could have potentially developed ‘You Should Be’ into something longer – if I weren’t constraining myself to producing shorter work. So I changed my mind.

I started compiling a novella, with a working title of ‘Stag Weekend’, about 10 days ago and as of today I’m one chapter in. I’m still at the first draft stage but I’m pleased with the progress I’m making so far.

I’m also pleased that two of the flash fiction pieces I’ve written recently will be published in May. One online and one in print. I’ll post more details and links when they are live and released.

In other news I’ve updated the menu on my site to provide direct links to anything that has been published either on my blog, on Medium or on an external site.